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Human Decomposition Cleaning and Odor Treatment

Our company provides cleaning and restoration of environments affected by human decomposition, crime/trauma and/or suicide scene, cleanup and odor treatment for law enforcement response tear gas, infection control for superbugs disease outbreaks, and methamphetamine lab residue remediation.

TCEQ Red-Bag Biohazard Waste and Safe Needle Pick Up and Disposal


No Contract Medical Waste Disposal (here) for Clinics, Home Health, Funeral Homes, Dentists, and Laboratories.

blood on carpet
biohazard remediation tech mask
biohazard tech glove apply with suit
biohazard tech taping glove to seal
biohazard tech in bb path suit
decomposition stain on mattress
biohazard decomposition cleaning
decomposition cleaning on carpet
biohazard boxes with decomposition
decomposition affected mattress
decomposition cleaning after sealed
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