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Trauma Scene Cleanup

In terms of accident cleanup or trauma scene remediation, the involvement of a professional cleaning service is critical. Whether it is a traffic accident, an accidental death, extremely bad injury with large blood loss, an industrial accident fatality, the situation will usually involve biohazards that require expert Biohazard attention. The scene will need to be cleaned and restored to its original condition as quickly as possible to ease the minds of everyone involved.

USA Decon has the experience and training to handle any accident scene or trauma site cleanup.

Work Accidents Cleanup

The old saying that accidents happen is unfortunately true. Often when an accident occurs at work it can result in extensive damages, personal injury and accidental death – all under investigation by a federal OSHA regulator. We have the experience and professionalism to work with them and in accordance with their standards. We use universal precautions while dealing with blood, bodily fluids and tissue, the proper PPE, EPA registered disinfectants and follow all OSHA, CDC and TCEQ guidelines. The regulated medical waste will be properly packaged, transported and destroyed. We can issue a manifest before we leave showing the transfer of the waste to us. We are a registered medical transporter in the State of Texas. TCEQ # 50126   


Vehicle Accident Cleanup

Even the slightest traffic collisions can be traumatic. From a simple air bag deployment to a traffic accident that involves accidental death or personal injury can be especially traumatic. We understand the need for quick, compassionate clean up services. Our professional cleaners can eliminate blood and biohazards to restore the accident scene quickly and compliantly.

Accidental Death Cleanup

In the wake of an accidental death, most people simply are not prepared for the challenge of accident scene cleanup. The sad truth is that this task becomes the responsibility of family members and property owners who are often grieving. When everyone wants the reminders to disappear we are here to help.

Natural Disaster Cleanup

USA Decon often works with commercial businesses, industrial sites, schools, City, County, State, and community shelters to provide a comprehensive disinfection after a natural disaster. 

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