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Unattended Death Decomposition Biohazard Cleanup for Apartments and Homes

If you're dealing with an unattended death or Human Decomposition don’t worry, you are not alone. We are here to help in your time of need. It is not uncommon for several days, a week, or even months before an unattended death is discovered. During that time, the remains begin to decompose, releasing tissue, bodily fluids, odor gases and blood that may seep into carpets, behind baseboards, walls, under tubs, vanities and sub-flooring making the cleaning process and removal very difficult. These body fluids can carry blood borne pathogens that can cause infection or disease. The odor will make the entire structure smell very unpleasant and will permeate into furnishings, clothing, drapes, personal effects and anything porous.

Human decompositions caused by natural deaths, can attract insect infestations that may spread the contamination and odor to counters, ceilings, carpeting and drywall with noxious odors. Exposure to unattended death scenes are extremely unpleasant to see and smell. USA Decon is a professional unattended death cleanup company. We use EPA registered disinfectants, proprietary odor neutralizers and Ozone Generators to be sure that the property is truly disinfected and made safe for anyone to enter the property.



Death odors are some of the most noxious and lingering odors imaginable. The experience, training, products and equipment of our death cleanup service means we have the knowledge to not just cover up the odors but to eliminate them. Our time tested proven products and protocol will completely remove the source of the odor and any lingering effects.

In some cases, death cleanup services may be covered by your home, auto or commercial business insurance policy. We will work with your insurance company and adjuster throughout the entire process to help you with the claim. Our clean up team is familiar with what most insurance companies want for support for this type of claim. We will help ensure that the death scene is cleaned thoroughly, compliantly and effectively. 

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