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Hoarding Cleaning and Disinfection for Apartments, Homes, and RVs

We are here to help individuals and families that are faced with the challanges of dealing with a home of a Hoarder. There are many types of Hoarders, some who have OCD and buy items of all sorts continously, some never throw away their garbage and others hoard animals. Any of these can present certain dangers and challenges.

Some clean up projects are forced by the City Health Dept. Fire Marshall, or Child / Adult Protective Services because the home is unsfe to inhabit due to mass volumes of debris, mold growth, fire hazards, feces, urine, excessive animals and insect infestation to name a few. Some families inherit these homes after a loved one has passed away. Others are the Hoarders themselves realizing they need help.   

We will work with the family, homeowner, landloard, Bank, and the Authorities to clear out the property to make it safe again.

We have done projects where the city has cited violations and have condemned the property, pulling the water, power and gas mains and have scheduled the house to be torn down. We can work with the City and propose a restoration plan so the house can be saved. 

These projects typically need the use of roll off dumpsters to discard the trash. The use of PPE to protect ourselves from the indoor environment, HEPA filtered air scrubbers to clean the air of all airborne particulates, manpower, industrial strength cleaners, odor counteractants, EPA registered disinfectants and industrial cleaning supplies. Sometimes these types of projects also require proper Biohazard waste and expired medication disposal.

We will seperate all valuables, heirloom pieces and sentimental items to turn back over to the family. We obviously will need some direction from the family to know what to look for.

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